Custom Application Plate Handling Systems

Permadur has designed many custom Vacuum Lifting Systems for particular industries such as rail car, tank, and tower manufacturers where the handling of rolled plate is required.

Custom Application Plate Handling Systems are designed to

  • Handle Non-Magnetic Materials and Steel
  • Conform to ASME BTH-1, Design Category “B”, Service Class 2
  • Include a 3 to 1 Safety Factor with Backup Vacuum Reservoir
  • Be Electrically or Air Powered
  • Allow Custom Engineered units to your Specifications

Permadur Series 612

This Permadur Series 612 Jacket Handling System consisted of a 3000 Power Pac and 12ea. VPN-16EL-30 Vacuum Pads on 6ea. specially designed Crossarms to straddle the Rail Car Jacket on a 50’ Load Beam.

The Load Beam was designed to utilize less than 66” of headroom above the Jacket. The Controls included On Board ON/OFF/ OFF PB Controls as well as an Interface with the Crane Controls to enable the customer to provide similar controls on their Hoist Pendant and Radio Controller.

permadur vacuum lifting system series 612 closeup permadur vacuum lifting system series 612 motor

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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