Small Plate Vacuum Lifting Systems

Permadur Vacuum Lifting Systems provide a light, economical way to handle Aluminum, SS, and Carbon Steel Plate, using a wide range of Vacuum Pump sizes, Pad sizes and material to support customization for the individual customer’s application.

Small Plate Vacuum Lifting Systems are designed to:

  • Handle Plates ranging in thickness from Gauge Material to 1″
  • Handle Non-Magnetic Materials and Steel
  • Offer Upender/Downender capability to support taking Plate from horizontal to vertical and vice versa
  • Possess a 3 to 1 Safety Factor with a Backup Vacuum Reservoir
  • Be either Electrically or Air Powered

Permadur Series 204

This Permadur Series 204 Plate Handling System consisted of:

  • 330 Power Pac with a Structural Sling
  • 2 3′ Crossarms
  • 4 VPN-24-30 Vacuum Pads to support the loading of 6’x20′ Plate, 1/4″ – 1-1/2″ Thick, 8000 lb Max Load
  • 10′ Load Pads
  • 115 VAC Power Supply
  • Remote ON/OFF pushbutton Control Pendant and Safety Indicator Lights
permadur small plate vacuum lifting system series 406-2

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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