Safety Tips for Vacuum Lifting Systems

Vacuum Lifting Systems are great for moving heavy and other unwieldy items. Items that have smooth surfaces such as concrete, steel, glass, pipes, and much more. Our clients prefer our Vaccum Lifting Systems because of the 3 to 1 safety rating for all of our custom, small, and larger plate handling systems. While our vacuum lifting systems are one of the safest available, it is important to keep in mind our safety tips when using our plate handling systems. […]

October 30th, 2018|Uncategorized|

Safety Tips When Using Permanent Lifting Magnets

Safety tips when using permanent lifting magnets is important to keep employees safe. When using material handling equipment, the most important aspect is, of course, having all of the safety precautions in place. Hazards, handling, and storage issues can compromise [...]

August 29th, 2018|Uncategorized|

Product Spotlight: Engineered Load Positioner Model

The Engineered Load Positioner Model is a newer product among Permadur's Load Positioners. It is considered a slightly safer approach than other load positioner models.  The Engineered Load Positioner reduces parts damage, protects costly machines, tool and loads, and improves [...]

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Product Spotlight: Permadur Small Plate Vacuum Lifting System Series 406

Small Plate Vacuum Lifting Systems Permadur Vacuum Lifting Systems provide a light, economical way to handle Aluminum, SS, and Carbon Steel Plate, using a wide range of Vacuum Pump sizes, Pad sizes and material to support customization for the [...]

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