• Permanent Lifting Magnets

    Permadur Magnets, which are Electrically Controlled Permanent Magnets, will not drop a suspended load due to power failure, faulty wiring, or misoperation of controls. No back up battery system is required and no power is consumed during the lift. These unique safety and performance features allow Permadur Magnets to be a leader in the industry.

  • Plate Handling Magnet

    Utilizing the performance and safety features of the Permadur Lifting Magnets, these plate handing systems can be manned with a single operator as well as handle a single plate off of a stack. All of which significantly increase your material handling EFFICIENCY.

  • Multiple Part Handling Magnet Systems

    Increasing your “Torch on Time” means higher productivity and lower costs. These systems can be used to handle multiple parts in a single lift. Permadur specializes in engineering these systems to meet the customer requirements.

  • Vacuum Lifting

    For light gauge, sheet metal, and nonmagnetic material, Permadur Vacuum Systems are a economical solution. Like our lifting magnet systems, these vacuum systems can be custom designed for your application.

  • Manual Magnet

    Permadur’s REM & BPM series manual lifting magnets are utilized where there is a demand for lifting heavy steel pieces EFFICIENTLY. Machine shops, cutting/saw workstations, and steel service centers will use varying capacities of manual magnets.

  • Load Positioners

    The Permadur Loadpositioner is a below the hook lifting and lowering device that is hydraulically operated. It simplifies alignment and assembly as well as reduces the risk of part damage.

  • Service & Repair Parts

    Routine Maintenance, reconditioning, and repairs will extend the service lift of your lifting magnet or vacuum system. When scheduling your down time, let Permadur’s skilled technicians inspect your equipment and recommend the best preventive maintenance program.